UNI-FLANGE Series 1390 – Restraint System

Series 1390 Restraint

Available for Pipe Sizes:

100mm (4")

150mm (6")

 Other Sizes on Request

Series 1390 – Details

The Uni-Flange® Series 1390 restraint provide a fast, economical method of restraining water main fittings, valves and hydrants. Available for uPVC, mPVC and oPVC pipe. Uni-Flange® restraints guarantee joint restraint, in every soil condition, every time. Eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming concrete thrust blocks and specify Uni-Flange® pipe restraints.

Typical use of Uni-Flange restraint Include:

  • Restraining pipe spigots into pipe sockets
  • Restraining pipe spigots into fitting and valve sockets

Typically you can connect, hydrostatically test and back fill all in the same day! (without having to pour concrete, wait for it to cure and remove formwork.)


Assembled and Under Pressure

Series 1390 Assembled and Under Pressure


Series 1390 restraint during assembly