Wrap Clamps

 Our Range of Stainless Steel Wrap Clamps are light weight, corrosion resistant and easy to handle. They provide an easy fix with fast installation and the security of a stainless steel shield covering the opening of the join and a rubber seal that surrounds the pipe and ensures a complete and lasting seal.

Nom. Pipe

Pipe 3" Long Clamp (1 Bolt) 6" Long Clamp (2 Bolts)

O.D. Catalogue Number Catalogue Number
15mm 15.88mm FLSC-063-3R N/A
21.34mm FLSC-084-3R FLSC-084-6R
20mm 22.23mm FLSC-088-3R FLSC-088-6R
26.67mm FLSC-105-3R FLSC-105-6R
25mm 28.58mm FLSC-113-3R FLSC-113-6R
33.53mm FLSC-132-3R FLSC-132-6R
32mm 34.93mm FLSC-138-3R FLSC-138-6R
42.16mm FLSC-166-3R FLSC-166-6R
40mm 41.28mm FLSC-163-3R FLSC-163-6R
48.26mm FLSC-190-3R FLSC-190-6R
50mm 53.98mm FLSC-213-3R FLSC-213-6R
60.45mm FLSC-238-3R FLSC-238-6R

Dual Armor Wrap Clamp

Dual Armor Wrap Clamp
 Dual armor Wrap Clamps are similar to standard wrap clamps, but contain the added strength of a second stainless steel shield that encases the entire sealing area.

Nom. Pipe

O.D. 3" Long Clamp (1 Bolt) 6" Long Clamp (2 Bolt)
Catalogue Number Catalogue Number
15mm 15.88mm FLSC-063-3R2 FLSC-063-6R2
21.34mm FLSC-084-3R2 FLSC-084-6R2
20mm 22.23mm FLSC-088-3R2 FLSC-088-6R2
26.67mm FLSC-105-3R2 FLSC-105-6R2
25mm 28.58mm FLSC-113-3R2 FLSC-113-6R2
33.53mm FLSC-132-3R2 FLSC-132-6R2
32mm 34.93mm FLSC-138-3R2 FLSC-138-6R2
42.16mm FLSC-166-3R2 FLSC-166-6R2
40mm 41.28mm FLSC-163-3R2 FLSC-163-6R2
48.26mm FLSC-190-3R2 FLSC-190-6R2
50mm 53.98mm FLSC-213-3R2 FLSC-213-6R2
60.45mm FLSC-238-3R2 FLSC-238-6R2