Stainless Steel Tapping Saddles

Nom. Pipe Size Pipe  O.D. Tapping Size
100mm 121.92mm 20mm - 50mm
150mm 175.26mm 20mm - 50mm
200mm 229.87mm 20mm - 50mm
250mm 281.94mm 20mm - 50mm
300mm 335.28mm 20mm - 50mm
350mm 388.62mm 20mm - 50mm
400mm 441.96mm 20mm - 50mm
450mm 495.3mm 20mm - 50mm
500mm 548.64mm 20mm - 50mm
600mm 655.32mm 20mm - 50mm
750mm 812.8mm 20mm - 50mm

4 Bolt Single Band Style

Single Band Stainless Steel Tapping Band

2 Bolt Single Band Style

All our tapping saddles are made from certified waterworks materials and are machined to exact specifications.

With a solid design and plenty of width, our tapping saddles distribute the clamping pressure and avoid crushing the pipe.

All saddles that contain parts made of iron are epoxy coated to prevent corrosion.


One Piece Stainless Steel Tapping Band

One Piece Stainless Style

4 Bolt Double Band Stainless Steel Tapping Band

4 Bolt Double Band Style