About Us

HITC Company Profile

HITC Australia Pty Ltd, is a small to medium size enterprise that has been catering to the needs of the water industry in Australia and the Pacific. With 35 years of combined experience in the water industry as well as access to industry professionals, engineering and technical advisers, we are able to provide an answer to all your issues.

Our Vision

  • HITC Australia recognizes and understands its markets and strives to develop products and services to meet customers’ needs.
  • HITC Australia is committed to providing the Highest quality Brass, Stainless and Ductile iron products available, with acceptable delivery available to meet its customers’ expectations on time, every project;
  • HITC Australia aims to attract employees of the highest caliber, and conducts continuous professional development programs to ensure that standards of product knowledge meet customers’ expectations;
  • HITC Australia products are at all times meeting or exceeding standards of Potable water supply, Standards Mark, Safety, Reliability, and service surpassing that set by our competitors;
  • HITC Australia remains committed to the introduction of Unleaded Brass to the drinking water systems of Australia, ahead of regulatory bodies and self interest groups in an effort to enhance the health of all Australians;


  • HITC Australia aims to build strong allegiances with its customers and with its essential manufacturing suppliers.


The overriding goal of the company is to achieve fair, reasonable and sustainable profits with consistent growth through improving operational performance, without compromising quality, safety and innovation.