PVC Compression Joint to Male Iron Pipe

Catalog Description

Number Male Iron Pipe Pack Joint for PVC Pipe
Straight Couplings
  C87-11 12mm 12mm
  C87-31 20mm 12mm
  C87-33 20mm 20mm
C87-33-4-75 20mm 20mm
  C87-34 20mm 25mm
  C87-43 25mm 20mm
  C87-44 25mm 25mm
  C87-45 25mm 30mm
  C87-46 25mm 40mm
  C87-54 30mm 25mm
  C87-55 30mm 30mm
  C87-65 40mm 30mm
  C87-66 40mm 40mm
  C87-77 50mm 50mm
Ell Couplings
  L87-31 20mm 12mm
  L87-33 20mm 20mm
  L87-34 20mm 25mm
  L87-44 25mm 25mm
Extended coupling length (120mm)

Ford Pack Joints for PVC are recommended for use only with Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC.