FS3 Style


Style – FS3

Style – FS3

Combines the corrosion resistant characteristics of stainless steel and the sealing capabilities of rubber to create the ultimate,  versatile and dependable repair clamp.

Designed to be light weight and easy to handle in all situations and conditions.

Provides uniform bolt control and has fewer parts that are able to fall into the trench.

Nom. Pipe

Pipe O.D. Catalogue Length and Approximate Shipping Weight Lbs.

Number 317.5mm 381mm 508mm 609.6mm 762mm
400mm 434.34mm-464.82mm FS3-1830-Length X X X X X
450mm 457.2mm-487.68mm FS3-1920-Length X X X X X
FS3-2070-Length X X X X X
500mm 548.64mm-579.12mm FS3-2280-Length X X X X X
600mm 655.32mm-685.8mm FS3-2700-Length X X X X X
750mm 752.35mm-782.83mm FS3-3082-Length X X X X X
FS3-3290-Length X X X X X
Number of Studs 12 12 18 21 27