Snap Clamps


The perfect solution to pinholes and other small leaks.

With a gridded gasket and cushioning lugs, these clamps are the ideal repair items for older pitted pipe that has been worn thin over the years.

Nom. Pipe


Catalogue Number

Length and Approximate Shipping Weight Lbs.

Number 3" 6" 9" 12"
15mm 21.34mm FSC-084-Length X X N/A N/A
20mm 26.67mm FSC-105-Length X X X N/A
25mm 33.53mm FSC-132-Length X X X N/A
32mm 42.16mm FSC-166-Length X X X N/A
40mm 48.26mm FSC-190-Length X X X X
50mm 60.45mm FSC-238-Length X X X X
60mm 73.15mm FSC-288-Length X X X X
75mm 88.9mm FSC-350-Length X X X X
90mm 101.6mm FSC-400-Length X X X X
100mm 114.3mm FSC-450-Length X X X X
125mm 141.22mm FSC-556-Length X X X X
150mm 152.4mm FSC-600-Length X X X X
168.4mm FSC-663-Length X X X X
200mm 203.2mm FSC-800-Length X X X X
219.2mm FSC-863-Length X X X X