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The FORD METER BOX Co SIMTAP™ tapping machine allows for effortless, powered tapping, without removing the pressure in the line and retaining the coupon.

SIMTAP™ is capable of carryout out under pressure tapings on:

  •  Ductile IronPipes
  • uPVC Pipes
  • mPVC Pipes
  • oPVC Pipes
  • Asbestos Cement Pipes
  • Poly Pipe
  • FRC Pipe
  • GRP Pipe

All kits contain adapters suitable for use on ball vales as well as TPFNR ferrules from 20mm up to 50mm, removing any requirement for a second tapping machine.

All kits can be customised to suit your needs.


SIMTAP™ kits

Catalog Number Description
SIMDMK-(Aus) Complete SIMTAP™ Drilling Machine with Pneumatic
Drill (includes BSP & TPFNR adapters)
SIMDMK-LD-(Aus) The SIMTAP™ Drilling Machine Kit less Pneumatic Drill
(includes TPFNR adapters only)
SIMDMK-B-(Aus) The SIMTAP™ Drilling Machine Base Kit
(includes individual Items as Chosen by Customer)